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  • Theresa - "Really good work on my shoulders and good stretch on my Achilles also. I was surprised they were so tight. Good massage!"
  • Maruvic - "Diana was amazing! The pressure was excellent and her attention to detail was awesome. Awesome foot massage!"
  • Laura - "Wonderful! Very much appreciated the attention."
  • Aurora - "Loved the extra pressure on my feet - felt great! She is very communicative and always asked about right amount of touch."
  • Dona - "Well trained! Diana established trust and communication nicely. She had a very nice touch and responded to my needs - read my body. Very nice bodywork!
  • Savannah - "...I absolutely hate laying down on massage tables, I don't like them at all. But hers was not only cushioned to perfection, she had nice sheets as well. The one last thing I would like to point out is I have insomnia which means I cannot sleep on queue to save my life. But 20 minutes into my massage I was down for the count. It was so relaxed, it was just INCREDIBLE. If you haven't had a massage with Diana, you simply must book one.
  • Bill - "Diana is comforting and relaxing to be with. I have some neuropathy in my legs and especially feet and her massage helped a LOT - enough to become a repeat patron.
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